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HBM Z6 Stainless Steel, Single-Ended Beam Load Cell – Ricelake

A durable bending beam load cell designed for challenging environments, featuring stainless steel construction and a welded seal. It is suitable for harsh or caustic settings and washdown applications. The load cell is available in capacities ranging from 5 kg to 200 kg and comes with a 10 ft load cell cable.

Z6 Load Cell Specifications

Full Scale Output: 2.0 mV/V

Output Resistance: 356 ohm

Input Resistance: 350 to 400 ohm

Material/Finish: Stainless steel

Temperature: Operating range 0 °F to 150 °F (-18 °C to 65 °C)Seal Type: Welded-seal, IP68

Safe Overload: 150% full scale

Rated Excitation: 5 to 10 V DC (15 V maximum)

Combined Error: 0.05% full scale

Insulation Resistance: 5,000 megohm

Cable Length: 10 ftCable Diameter: 0.190 in PVC jacket

Cable Color Code: Blue +Excitation Black –Excitation White +Signal Red –Signal Green +Sense Grey –Sense

Warranty: One-year limited

Approvals: FM OIML Ex (available upon request)

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