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Health Scales in Assisted Living

Health Scales for Every Resident

One of the most important aspects to monitoring health, is ensuring residents weight is accurately checked. It is important to track a healthy weight to keep an eye on any underlying medical conditions, malnutrition and to correctly prescribe medicine with weight-based usage. Having a scale in each room of the assisted living facility is essential to maintaining their daily routine, safety and privacy.

Residents should try to maintain their daily routines as much as possible to help with their memory and the enjoyment of life. Having a scale in their room can help them get into the habit of taking their weight right before or after a task.

At this time in the resident’s life, there are already challenges with mobility. The patient should not have to move down the hall or to another part of the facility, which would increase the chance of falling. Having a scale in their room will benefit them from having to risk falling or traveling long distances.

Weight can also be a private thing that residents do not want to share with everyone. Just because they live in an assisted living space, does not mean they should have to sacrifice their privacy. Having the right equipment in your assisted living facility can help make life easier for your patients. There are many health scales available with features to help residents maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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