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How to become a Servicing licensee ? – Australian Government, Department of Industry, Science, Energ

Servicing licensees

Servicing licensees test and verify measuring instruments used for trade. They can employ verifiers and nominate them to verify instruments under their servicing licence.

Servicing licensees help build trust and confidence in the accuracy of measurements used to determine the trade value of goods.

Find a servicing licensee

To obtain a list of servicing licensees with the relevant sub-class of licence to test and verify your trade measuring instrument please download the attached list.  The servicing licensees shown have given consent for their licence information to be published on the Departmental website, however due to licensees operating in varying geographical locations we do not provide their phone contact or address information.  To obtain the relevant contact information and to clarify where the licensee specifically operates please conduct your search on the internet to locate their particular contact information.

Applying for and renewing a licence

To verify instruments, you must have—or be an employee of someone who has—a servicing licence.

Training and competency

Nominated verifiers must hold a statement of attainment for the relevant licence (instrument) subclass they verify.


Each servicing licensee identifies the class of instrument that they and their verifiers will be verifying.

A servicing licensee must:

  1. ensure their verifiers (including contractors nominated under their licence) hold the relevant statement of attainment for the measuring instrument/s they verify

  2. inform the National Measurement Institute (NMI) of any change to their verifiers (when verifiers or contractors start)

  3. ensure they are using reference standards that have a current Regulation 13 certificate

A verifier can be an employee or a contractor of the servicing licensee. Contractors may also hold their own licence but can be nominated to verify under your servicing licence.

Verifiers must:

  1. be trained and be able to hold a relevant statement of attainment

  2. mark each instrument they verify with the servicing licensee verification mark

Verifier changes

Servicing licensees must submit a Verifier registration and deregistration form within 14 days of:

  1. a new or current employee or contractor becoming a verifier (provide their name and residential address)

  2. an employee or contractor ceasing to work for the licensee (provide the last day you employed them as a verifier)

  3. change of verifier details (name, address or contact details)

Quality management system

Each servicing licensee must maintain a quality management system (QMS). A QMS explains the appropriate processes, procedures, equipment and reference materials you need to properly verify measuring instruments.

Use these templates to develop your QMS:

QMS audits

When you renew your licence we will request and review your current QMS documents and may perform an on-site audit.

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