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In-Motion weighing controller

The newest stand-alone controller model: LCIC-2CH-WIM was specially designed to fit portable wheel and axle scales for determining the weight of all sort of vehicles (Cars, Trucks, Trains etc.) either in static mode or in motion. The LCIC-2CH-WIM is very friendly to operate while showing a very high accuracy. The In-motion speeds up the weighing process and allows weighing vehicles without the need to stop.

Main features:

Designed to function as stand-alone controller for Weighing trucks and trains in motion.

Support 2 separate scales which allows to show the truck balance.

Multi-point calibration to improve the accuracy on non-linear scales.

Easily connected to most wheel scales to do weighing in static or in motion.

Easy retrofit existing wheel scales to do weighing-in-motion in up to 10km/h.

Provide truck total weight, individual wheel weight, truck balance and average speed.

Stores up to last 1000 trucks.

  1. Programable parameters to avoid mistakes and improve accuracy.

  2. Very user friendly and easy to operate.

  3. Ready to communicate with external computer via USB or RS-232.

  4. Supplied with Software drivers and examples for PC in order to make customer’s special required application.

  5. Comes with PC applications for easy start.


  1. Load Cell / scale Excitation: 5VDC.  Supports up to 10 load cells in parallel (350 OHM)

  2. Internal A/D: 24 bit 4k samples per second

  3. I/O: 8 inputs and 8 outputs all opto- isolated

  4. Display: 4 lines 20 characters for friendly communication with the user

  5. Support 4 and 6 wires load cells to run long distance cable

  6. 1 USB and 2 RS232 communication ports

  7. Option for Ethernet connector

  8. Controller Power consumption: 0.2 Amp

  9. Input power: 5Vdc 1 Amp.

  10. Size: 190mm*120mm*20mm

Included Software :

  1. Calibration wizard for easy and friendly calibration.

  2. Drivers and examples for programmers on how to communicate with the controller.

  3. PC application that allows immediate testing at the customer site.

  4. Monitoring application that helps to identify any problems with the scale.

  5. On line support.

  6. Free software upgrade for life

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