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India Dairy Giant Amul Satisfied with General Measure’s Checkweigher

The International team of General Measure received great satisfaction from the largest dairy company Amul in India, when revisiting the client’s factory in 2018.

In the year 2013, there were 16 units C101A-600G checkweigher installed in Amoul’s production line. The purpose is to match each package’s weight to the requiement and reduce the materials costs. With the superb design and performance, C101A-600G has been running under over 60% humidity environment for 6 years without getting any rust.

C101A-600G Running in Amul Production Line

C101A-600g Advantage Overview

  1. With the accuracy within 1g, the speed of production line can reach 100pcs/min.

  2. The whole checkweigher is made of S304, which is quite suitable for working under the humidity environment.

  3. Belt FDA approved that ensure the food safety during the weight checking

  4. During 6 years operation, only 2 units were required minor maintenance.

Currently, Amuol is building a new butter factory requiring 28 units of checkweigher. General Measure is ready to supply new generation of C101A-600G checkweigher to meet client’s requiement.

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