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Industrial Counting Scales-Weightron

The CA100 is a versatile, high-speed, bench-top counting scale.

The scale has a large backlit LCD 24 mm display and 20-key keypad. The display shows Weight, Unit Weight and Count. The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 70 hours of continuous use, making it fully portable for efficient factory-wide counting operations.

The CA100 has an integral RS232 bi-directional interface and up to 100 PLUs (product codes) can be stored for fast, easy counting. Our Model LP55 is the ideal complementary printer.

Features include:

  1. Dedicated piece part counting

  2. 100 PLUs

  3. Pre-set tare capability

  4. Counting accumulation

  5. Counting check

  6. Weight readout and accumulation

  7. Second scale input

  8. Bi-directional RS232 serial interface

The CA100 has a second scale input facility. Typically, a higher capacity scale would be used in conjunction with the CA100, allowing the counting of larger quantities of products/components. In these applications, the CA100 is used to weigh the sample, whilst the larger scale is used for the main count.

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