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Industrial Weighing Solutions: Yachts / Ship Weighing

In shipbuilding, where high capacity weighing and demanding industrial measurement conditions are in general, using well-equipped weighing systems with proven technology is one of the key factors in terms of efficient production, quality, cost, and delivery time

With more than 30 years of industrial weighing experience, BAYKON offers high-tech, outstanding products and solutions for the ship and yacht industry as well as all sectors of the industry. Yacht and ship weighing systems consisting of Baykon products specially designed for the sector, provide years of trouble-free service in shipyards with high precision, reliability, and ease of use.

In addition to the precision weight measurements of different sections of the vessel, our powerful software provides the centre of gravity calculation, seamless integration with your ERP system, and saving data to USB flash memory.


  1. Reliability: Baykon weighing modules and instruments are high-quality products designed to provide years of trouble-free service under heavy conditions of the sector.

  2. Functionality: Yacht and ship weighing applications are offered with advanced functions or options that provide maximum sensitivity and benefit according to your needs.

  3. Modular structure: Maximum accuracy in the monitoring of force distribution and weight at every stage of the production with the specially designed modules placed within the boat cradle.

  4. Crane scales for heavy structural block: Weighing of heavy ship block by high capacity modules that are installed to the crane construction and transfer the weight data wirelessly.

  5. Data processing: Monitoring the load in different sections of the yacht along with the total load and calculating the centre of gravity.Transferring data via RS232, RS485 or Ethernet, and saving to USB flash memory.

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