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Intercomp Weighs All Types of eVTOL Aircraft

Minneapolis, MN- Intercomp, the world’s leading manufacturer of aircraft weighing systems, will be displaying our line of aircraft weighing systems at key eVTOL tradeshows this year including, the 2023 Annual eVTOL Symposium in Mesa, Arizona from January 24th through 26th, and FORUM79 The Future of Vertical Flight in West Palm Beach, Florida from May 16th through 18th.

Intercomp offers a selection of scales designed to accurately measure the weight of electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL), such as, Vectored Thrust, Lift + Cruise, Wingless (Multicopter), Hover Bikes/Personal Flying Devices and Electric Rotorcrafts. There are several scale lines recommended for measuring eVTOLs: ACII™, AC15-LP™ and Jack Weigh Kits.

The ACII™ Series Scales are low-cost and reliable scales with system capacities of up to 15,000 lb (6,800 kg) available to operators for weighing light aircraft to determine center of gravity. AC15-LP™ Low-Profile Aircraft Scales are compact, low-capacity platform weighing scales for military & civil aircraft with capacities of up to 15,000 lb (7,500 kg) per scale. Intercomp Jack Weigh Kits are available in a variety of configurations and can weigh anything from helicopters to business jets, military aircraft and narrow body aircraft. These fully electronic aircraft weighing systems deliver repeatable and stable readings and maintain unparalleled zero return while eliminating warm up time and leaks associated with hydraulically actuated load sensing technology.

Intercomp continues to provide accurate weighing solutions to ensure safety compliance, improve research efforts and provide high-quality, USA-made products. Our Aircraft Weighing Systems are recognized by our customers to be the most robust and reliable aircraft weighing systems currently offered. These scales can be used to improve Research & Development efforts for emerging eVTOL companies.

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