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Junior Flat Scale- Balancas Marques

BM5 ARM is the starting point for the development of our most junior scale. We unfold our ex-libris equipment and reinvent its design to create a more compact and practical scale for your daily tasks. Smaller in size, it retains all the potential that the BM5 ARM has accustomed to, but adds a new touch of ergonomics and flexibility.

Also unbeatable in hardware, unsurpassed in software and unmatched in design, the Junior flat scale can be the most functional weighing solution for your business. The base and core are the same as those of our BM5 ARM and the result is a smaller scale, but with the limitless potentials ever.



The Junior flat scale is born from the well-known design of our BM5 ARM and unfolds it, simplifying it to achieve a simpler and more practical weighing solution. With the body constructed entirely of stainless steel, this scale has a 10.1 screen for the user and several possibilities for screens to communicate with the customer. Easy to clean due to its straight and flat lines, it is a scale that allows you to communicate in a network and works without fail, whether it is time to weigh, register or invoice.


Smaller and more compact, as effective as ever. All the technology on this scale was developed by us to bring you the highest quality in weighing equipment. With a lighter and fresher appearance, our Junior scale maintains the motherboard that we developed for the BM5 ARM and also a Dual Core processor that guarantees the speed you want and combines it with high performance and efficiency. Our Junior is, without a doubt, a scale built to grow – with you and with your business


Our Junior scale is equipped with the ETPOS software, thought from the beginning to be a management and billing software dedicated to weighing. In constant update, ETPOS is optimized for Marques scales, being the result solely of the work of our development team. With an intuitive and easy-to-use graphic interface, our software is your best ally for weighing, registering and invoicing your supermarket or butcher’s products.


To adapt to your needs, the Junior flat scale is available in several versions, with or without a ticket printing system, with or without a label issuing system. If you need to print tickets for your products, our scale therefore has the solution. Its versatility and size make it the ideal option for any establishment or business, be it a supermarket or a butcher.


Another of the strengths of this scale is the possibility of having a double screen. For the user, there is an LCD touch with projected capacitive technology, making the experience of using our scale much easier, faster and, above all, intuitive. On the other hand, for the customer, you can find a smaller screen designed to communicate, for example, promotions or other types of advertising.

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