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Laboratory Weighing Precision Balances and Scales Balance XSR6001S/A – METTLER TOLEDO

Balance XSR6001S/A

A product with smart features that streamline daily tasks. It emphasizes accuracy, reliability, and smart design elements. The product has a 6.1 kg capacity with 0.1 g readability, integrated methods, and a results notepad. Additionally, it offers convenient connectivity with 4 USB ports and 1 LAN port. Easy cleaning is emphasized, and the product is compatible with LabX.

High-Performance Weighing

The high resolution weighing cell delivers fast and accurate results. Together with the StatusLight™, you get reliable results, every time.

Efficient Touchscreen Operation

The touchscreen interface, easy-access menus, results notepad, and saved weighing methods make balance operation instinctive and efficient.

Maximum Productivity

Reliable performance, ergonomic weighing processes, and easy data transfer ensure you get the accurate results you want, quickly and efficiently.

Material No.: 30317510

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