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Laboratory Weighing Robotic Mass Comparator e5 -METTLER TOLEDO

Comparator e5

Robotic Mass Comparator.Capacity 5 g, readability 0.1 µg, and a 60-position magazine. Simplify your weight calibration process with this robotic mass comparator and enjoy increased throughput, reduced errors, and time and cost savings.

Maximum Throughput

Enjoy highly accurate and efficient weight calibration with fully automated, continuous 24-hour operation.

Reduced Errors

Robotic mass comparators eliminate certain errors caused by users, such as mix-ups between weights, imprecise placement, and transcription mistakes.

Simplified Dissemination

Weight combinations are measured automatically, ensuring seamless traceability to your mass standard.

Specifications – Comparator e5Maximum Capacity6.1 gReadability0.1 µgDimensions (LxHxD)1,080 mm x 760 mm x 700 mmOIML ClassM1 E0 F1 E1 F2 E2Electrical Weighing Range0 g – 6.1 gWeight Handler3-axis robotRepeatability ABA at Nominal Load0.4 µgDraftshieldAutomated

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