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LaserLight3 Color Remote Display with Messaging – Ricelake

  1. Vibrant 128- by 32-pixel LED color display with nonglare lens; high-intensity digits up to 5 inches tall

  2. Color commands change background and foreground text

  3. Auto Learn mode enables compatibility with a wide range of indicators

  4. Versatile layout choices include Mirror mode, 1-line, 2-line, 4-line and quadrant format

  5. Dynamic messaging views can scroll, slide or flash

  6. Display stop/go light symbols/arrows with digits up to 4 inches tall

  7. Software selectable time/date when weight is at zero

  8. Integrated six-button keypad for scale operations

  9. Durable enclosure with Gore-Tex® breather vent to inhibit internal moisture

  10. RS-232, RS-422, 20 mA and Ethernet TCP/IP

  11. Mounting options include VESA, flange and pole configurations

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