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Laumas TPS Analog Weight Transmitter Out Of Production: Alternative Options

TPS out of production: alternative options

The TPS analog weight transmitter has come out of LAUMAS production and can be replaced by 2 TLE and TLS weight transmitters.

TLE keeps some of the features of TPS and is considered its direct evolution. It is simpler and easier to manage, with several improvements and additional features:

  1. it is more compact, indeed it measures just 90x35x60 mm;

  2. 2 outputs, 1 analog and 1 digital RS485 (Modbus RTU)

  3. backlit alphanumeric LCD display with 2 lines, for simultaneously monitoring the input signal in mV and the output value in mA or V;

  4. selector switch with 3 positions, DIP-switch and knob which allow selecting the type of configuration required and performing calibration by adjusting the value of mA or V;

  5. 2 box versions, IP67 and IP67 ATEX;

  6. digital filter to reduce the effects of weight fluctuations.

TLS instead offers greater opportunities from the perpective of both communication and the main functions. It can in fact be configured and managed via Instrument Manager and has:

  1. semi-alphanumeric red LED display with 6 signalling LEDs for viewing the weight and a 4-button keypad. The combination of display and buttons permits easily calibrating the instrument;

  2. 2 opto-realy outputs, 2 PNP opto-isolated digital inputs and 1 RS485 serial port to which a rem9ote display can also be connected;

  3. 4 typer of zero-setting for calibrating the weighing system and viewing the peak;

  4. setting setpoint and hysteresis values;

  5. box IP67 in transparent version or with external keyboard (also ATEX).

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