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Minebea Intec Combics 2 Ex, Explosion Proof Digital Weight Indicator – Ricelake

  1. Amber backlit LCD dot matrix display

  2. On/Off, Zero, Tare and Print/Data keys

  3. Function keys for: Gross/net toggle; three-way unit toggle; 10X higher resolution toggle

  4. Two header line storage

  5. Battery charge status display (with connection of battery pack)

  6. Numeric keypad with two IDs for entering identifier codes and preset tare

  7. Date/time fully integrated

  8. GMP printable record

  9. Three built-in LED check weighing lights

  10. Bar graph weighing range indicator

  11. Application data and totalization memory stored in battery-backed RAM

  12. Optional bar code scanner for preset tare, reference weight and ID entry

  13. Requires power supply

Applications Software Pre-installed

  1. Counting, check weighing, differential weighing, percentage weighing, gross-net-tare, sorting, net-total, animal weighing

  2. Ex approval: FM Class 1,2,3, Division 1, Groups ABCDEFG and temperature class T4

  3. Weighbridge connectivity – maximum two precision weighing platforms or load cells, and one precision platform or 1 Combics Ex and one precision platform

  4. Power supply can be provided by 110-220 VAC connections and a 24 VDC industrial power module (each suitable for hazardous and safe areas) and a rechargeable battery pack in stainless steel casing

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