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Morehouse Instrument Company Releases Comprehensive Guide on Force Calibration

Morehouse Instrument Company proudly announces the release of the third edition of "Force Calibration for Technicians: Top Conditions, Methods, and Systems that Impact Force Calibration Results," authored by Henry Zumbrun, President of Morehouse Instrument Company.  This free authoritative guide is designed to assist beginners and seasoned professionals in force measurement and calibration.

Force Calibration for Technicians and Quality Managers 2024
Download PDF • 14.50MB

Morehouse Instrument Company Releases Comprehensive Guide on Force Calibration

The 333-page book covers various topics essential for understanding and improving force calibration processes. Readers will find in-depth discussions on the fundamentals of force measurement, detailed explanations of various calibration methods, and guidance on selecting the right equipment. The comprehensive content includes:

  • How a transducer measures force

  • Compression and tension force calibration

  • Measurement uncertainty and its importance

  • Load cell terminology, reliability, and troubleshooting

  • Advanced force measurement techniques

  • Calibration differences between ASTM E74 and ISO 376 standards

  • Adapter considerations.

  • Indicators

  • Correcting for Tare Weight

Zumbrun created this book to simplify force measurement needs and challenges. It will help anyone from beginners to seasoned metrologists. It is a combination of a century of experience concerning force measurements.


"We created this book to simplify the complexities of force measurement and provide valuable insights from our extensive experience in the industry," said Zumbrun. "Our goal is to help technicians and quality managers make more accurate and reliable measurements to ensure safety and precision in their work."

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