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NCWM National Price Verification Survey

The National Conference on Weights & Measures (NCWM) is conducting a National Price Verification Survey in collaboration with NIST Office of Weights & Measures (OWM) and 68 state and local jurisdictions located across the country.

National Price Verification SurveyNational Price Verification Survey

The NCWM proposed the survey in response to ongoing concerns from compliance jurisdictions around the country on the high level of failure rates being found during price verification inspections. While the feedback being reported to NCWM was valuable, it included little documentation or statistical data to gauge pricing accuracy in the marketplace. In response, NCWM Chairman, Gene Roberston, appointed a Price Verification Focus Group to plan for a national survey to gather statistical data on price verification inspections. The Focus Group began planning for the survey in September 2023 working diligently to create a survey plan and scope. Some of the data gathered will include compliance rates, total number of items inspected, overcharges, undercharges, range, average errors found, number of stores inspected, and compliance rates based on store types. As part of the survey plan, the focus group developed a list with accompanying definitions for ten commonly found types of retail stores where consumers typically purchase goods. These categories of store types include grocery, supercenters, big box/department, warehouse/club, dollar/discount, convenience, drug/ pharmacy, automotive, home centers, and clothing retailers found in the consumer market.

The response to the survey has been outstanding. For uniformity and consistency of data, participants in the survey were asked to attend a NIST virtual training session on Price Verification Procedures as published in NIST Handbook Book 130. The sessions were tailored with specific information for the survey. The NIST OWM originally offered two training sessions for November and December 2023, however the response was so overwhelming three additional sessions were added. Close to 400 inspectors around the country have now attended this survey related training.

Each participating jurisdiction has been provided with a unique spreadsheet to enter data into. Once the survey is complete, the spreadsheets will be consolidated into one document. While part of the survey, the spreadsheets are also designed for each jurisdiction to use in their own unique programs as it will provide jurisdiction specific data in both tabular and chart form. This information can be used to create reports and analysis of each jurisdiction’s inspection program. This can assist in managing resources, educating local stakeholders, and to promote their work being done in this area.

The inspection phase of the survey will be completed by March 1, 2024. Participating jurisdictions will be asked to send completed spreadsheets in by March 15th for consolidating. Once the results are compiled the NCWM Price Verification Focus Group and NIST will be evaluating the survey. They will then determine the best method of dissemination of data and overall results to survey participants and the public. The anticipated release of the data is expected during the summer of 2024.

Upon completion, the survey results may be utilized by many stakeholders. Potential utilization includes retailers who may choose to use the information as a catalyst to implement pricing improvement plans for retail establishments and create related staff training. It may be used to empower consumer groups to use the information to educate shoppers that errors exist and how to address some of those errors either at the retail level or higher. W&M compliance programs can use the survey to better allocate inspection resources based on store type and to advocate for their programs.

For information related to the survey please contact Marc Paquette at , or for further information on NIST OWM training John Mcguire at

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