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New LCBs: plastic version and hygienic version – Laumas

The LCB load cell universal digitizer that transforms any analog load cell into a digital load cell has renewed and evolved.

We have improved the performance of the classic LCB model, made of AISI 304 stainless steel, and diversified our offering with two new versions.

The new versions

Both of the new models keep the main features of the classic LCB, among which the IP67 protection rating and the availability on the instrument of two programs versions: BASE program for setting the setpoint values and batching program for single product LOADING.

► Plastic version With a new PA66 nylon container reinforced with fiberglass. It is definitely the most advantageous model in financial terms.

► Hygienic version With a new AISI 304 stainless steel container certified 3-A Sanitary Standards. LCB3A is perfectly sanitizable, and it is ideal for applications in sectors where hygiene in an important or necessary requirement.

In what way has LCB improved?

Our R&D department has developed tangible improvements. Here are the new features:

1. They are faster: the weight calculation frequency reaches up to 500 values a second and also the update frequency of the data on the fieldbus can reach the maximum speed of 500 updates a second, when using the PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT buses.

2. It is more convenient to configure and manage them: as a matter of fact they are now compatible with Istrument Manager, the free software for managing LAUMAS electronic instrumentation from a PC.

3. It is easier to communicate with the PLC: the choice among the already many fieldbuses is expanded with the new CC-LINK IE Field Basic, based on Ethernet technology.

4. They are more versatile: as well as the classic assembly integral with the body of the load cell, wall mounting of the classic LCB and the plastic version is now possible, using the mounting supports with fixing holes. In this way the digitizer can also be used as a normal weight transmitter that, coupled with a junction box, can manage up to 4 load cells connected in parallel.

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