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New standard MODBUS protocol for SCA1 devices

At Sensocar we have been working to improve the connectivity with industrial devices. Our commitment to enhancing processes concerning efficiency and productivity has led us to add to our equipment the standard MODBUS communication protocol in the RTU, ASCII and TCP formats over RS232, RS485 and ETHERNET communication port (for those devices that have an ETHERNET port).

This new protocol and its different variants facilitate the communication of the equipment with industrial devices such as PLC, making possible the control and sending of weight information processed by the equipment.

On an RS232 port it allows point-to-point communication (with a single device) while on RS485 or Ethernet ports the communication can also be multipoint.

While with an RS232 port the communication distance between devices must not exceed 25 meters, with an RS485 port we can reach up to 1.2 km.

This new ModBus protocol, in the “MOD.RT”, “MOD.ASC” and “MOD.TCP” variants, is added to the more than 50 protocols available as standard on SCA1 devices. (You can know more about the technical data, software and other product options by clicking in the link).

Some technical and metrological characteristics may vary depending on the specific model, but the SCA1 product range has been homologated according to OIML R76 and EN 45501 and with certification of electromagnetic susceptibility 10V/m.

The devices have a powerful 32-bit microprocessor, whose reduced consumption allows an autonomy of operation, with an internal battery up to 42 hours. They also have a large range of supply voltages between 80 and 260 VAC with a final consumption of less than 1.2 watts. A 24-bit converter allows you great accuracy in weight measurement in addition to some programmable and flexible multi-range options.

In terms of their functionalities, highlight the weight-tare-accumulation, a dynamic and animal weighing, counting of pieces, and in those with relays and digital inputs, the functionalities of limit, traffic light (pass-does not pass) and dosage. It also manages a real-time clock (date-time), printing of configurable labels and tickets and allows you to select up to six languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian, and German.

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