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New Volumetric Feeder with Wetting Cone – Promotes Efficient, Effective Dry Additive Dispensing

Scaletron Industries has introduced the VMF-90F volumetric feeder, a totally self-contained, automated dry chemical addition system. Full-featured upon installation, the VMF-90F feeder also offers useful options to optimize automatic monitored dosing processes in the water and waste water industries. Scaletron designed the VMF-90F feeder as a pre-engineered system which permits competitive pricing and facilitates rapid turnaround on orders. The entire system is mounted on a steel skid with forklift cutouts.

The VMF-90F feed rate is 0.36 to 3.56 cubic feet per hour with accuracy to within 1% of volume. The feed rate is optimized with a 1.5” diameter, stainless steel open helix feed screw which delivers material to a built-in wetting cone. The cone improves the flow properties of additives, especially those not very soluble in water. This improves additive usage rates which makes the system more efficient and effective. Scaletron designed the wetting cone so there is always a regulated flow to assure that any material in the cone is thoroughly mixed and dispersed. A 1.5” water eductor sends the solution on its way into the process.

The standard VMF-90F unit features carbon steel construction with corrosion resistant zinc oxide primed, dry powder epoxy coating. A gravity fed, 3.6 cubic feet hopper is built-in and has a maintenance access hatch and an integrated load cell attachment point. Thorough usage of material is enhanced with an electric vibratory agitator/material conditioner.

To give the VMF-90F feeder full-featured functionality, Scaletron incorporated more standard features that were previously avaible only as options. Among these is a concentric material conditioning overwind auger for added efficiency in transporting material from the hopper into the wetting cone without clumping or clogging. A programmable SCR motor controller with HMI screen may be remotely located. The controller is housed in a water and dust proof NEMA 4X stainless enclosure.

Performance and accuracy boosting options enable users to add value to their VMF-90F feeder investment. For example, an integrated “Loss in Weight” measurement system with four load cells and a digit scale controller displays Net Weight and Gross Weight with accuracy of ±0.1% to 0.25%. When application requirements demand, the VMF-90F feeder is available in all 304 stainless steel construction (except feeder stand and base). An option for an explosion proof motor helps protect personnel and product. Other options include a carbon steel or 304 stainless bag loader, removable lids and pneumatic vibratory agitator.

The Scaletron VMF-90F feeder may be used with most dry polymer additives including aluminum sulfate (alum), calcium hydroxide (hydrated lime), carbon, ferric and ferrous sulfate, magnesium hydroxide, polymers, potassium, soda ash, sodium sulfite and thiosulfate, and other dry powders or pelletized materials.

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