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OHAUS Compass™ – A Portable Scale with Impressive Battery Life

For precision portable weighing, you need a digital balance that is lightweight and easily transportable with a sleek, stackable design that makes it easy to store. But you don’t want to sacrifice precision or durability and you want something that’s simple to operate. To meet all of these requirements and more, OHAUS offers an economical digital balance that runs efficiently on AA batteries. Meet the OHAUS Compass, an energy-efficient, compact weighing solution that’s built to last.

For a wide range of workplace and field weighing applications, the Compass series from OHAUS offers a variety of models to suit your specific weighing needs. Compass portable balances offer reliable performance, durable construction, and ease of use at a practical price.

Featuring a slim, stackable, and light-weight design, Compass balances fit ideally in lab, industrial, educational, and even household settings. The space-saving design allows for easy stacking of up to four units, making Compass great for portability and storage. Compass balances are built to last with durable features like ABS housing, slip-resistant feet, stability indicator, mechanical and software overload/underload protection, low battery indicator, and auto shut-off.

The entry level Compass CR series provides basic weighing functionality and competitive performance at an economical price. The lightweight, portable CR can operate for up to 300 hours on standard AA alkaline batteries.* It has a simple two-button design for easy operation and features a slim, stackable design for space saving storage, making it perfect for a variety of portable weighing applications.

The Best Choice for Portable Weighing

For more advanced portable weighing applications, the Compass CX series offers all of the above features and more. The CX includes a large backlit LCD display to enable easy viewing of weighing results, even at a distance or in low-light conditions. It features a stainless steel pan for added durability.

Designed with energy efficiency in mind, the Compass CX series offers impressive battery life of up to 1,000 continuous hours,* allowing for uninterrupted operation. Compass can operate for 250 days (assume operated four hours per day) – which equates to roughly one year of use on a single set of batteries! This level of energy efficiency is simply unmatched in the weighing industry. And this lower power consumption is not only environmentally responsible, but also quite cost effective as the three AA alkaline batteries needed to power the Compass CX typically cost about $4.00/€3.50.  With such efficiency, you’ll save money over the lifetime of the balance. Compass CX can also run on an AC adapter (sold separately).

Compass models range from 220 gram to 5,200 gram capacity. The higher capacity models – 2,200 gram and 5,200 gram – offer readability to 1 gram, while the lower capacity models – 220 gram, 620 gram, and 1,200 gram – offer readability to 0.1 gram.

OHAUS Compass scales are easy to transport, store, and clean. They run efficiently on batteries and consistently deliver the reliable weighing results you’ve come to expect from OHAUS.

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