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On-Board Weighing Solutions-InterComp


Intercomp’s RFX® Wireless Systems Accurately & Efficiently, Weigh & Control All Equipment Functions with One Wireless Handheld Controller.

Intercomp is a leading innovator in the design and manufacturing of systems combining wireless control with weighing capabilities.  Our wireless solutions offer the ability to view weights and control equipment functions from a location that is most convenient for the operator, enabling a single person to safely and efficiently monitor and unload the equipment. Intercomp’s onboard weighing and automated control systems with RFX® Wireless Communication offer a complete solution compatible with a variety of equipment. Design flexibility allows this to be a solution configured for the OEM.

Intercomp Load Cells Specifically designed for onboard weighing systems, these load cells provide a cost-effective, durable and accurate solution for your equipment

Our custom load cells for on-board applications are designed for use with most equipment and we offer a wide range of scale options to suit most agricultural applications.

  1. Fully Electronic

  2. Minimize Increase to Height of Vehicle

  3. High Capacity & Custom Configurations


  1. Monitor Payloads While on the Go

  2. High Capacity & Custom Configurations

  3. Minimize Increase to Height of Vehicle

  4. Wired & Wireless Indicators In-Cab/On-Board

  5. Clearly Marked Controls

  6. Designed for a Rugged Environment

  7. Track up to 10-Individual ProBox Weights with One Scale System

  8. Accurately Load the Correct Weight Every Time

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