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PERFORMANCE SCALE – Oscar Zavaleta Weighing Industry

Definition, Engineering & Sales

Performance scale* is defined as one that has 2 or 1 decimal place. These scales fill the gap between precision 3 and standard 0. Popular industry talk erroneously refers to them as a top loader.


An incorrect name is based on how the sample is loaded. The group name is not based on load from the top, side or bottom. The classification name depends on the number of decimal places.

Some may point out that draft shield units are sideloaded. However, they can be loaded from the top or bottom too. Otherwise, instead of analytical the name will be multi-loading.


Weigh below hook is bottom loading for instance. This weighing is part of specific gravity or density determination. Sometimes samples can’t be placed on the weighing pan and must be suspended.


Scales are not balances. Decimal place resolution. May have similar technology as its analytical family.


Most if not all use strain resistive gauge load cells. A few may use capacitive or vibration wire. Even less may have an MFR sensor.

ENGINEERING This market segment is built for the masses. Design and implementation with a higher level.

USE Generic mass determination. Pre-weigh large samples to prevent analytical overload.

SALES Look for manufacturers’ promotions. They may offer it for free on an Analytical purchase.

REPAIR These units could be repaired, but economy models.

NOTE* The performance scale is not a current group classification and is one of my inventions. At the moment the industry mixes any equipment with less than 3 decimal places.

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