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Sometimes it is necessary to perform “enlarged” weight platforms of huge dimensions. When we cannot solve the application with one central load cell, we can use two load cells, one at each end. A common case is a check‐weigher or weight controller. Mounting two load cells: 1‐ BENCH 2‐ LOAD CELL 3‐ CROSS ROD 4‐ SILENT‐BLOCK, SPRING OR BALL BEARING 5‐ WEIGHING PLATFORM E‐ SPACER ACCESSORY MOUNTING L1‐ MAXIMUM PLATFORM WIDTH L2‐ MAXIMUM PLATFORM LENGHT Anchor firmly two load cells (2) to the strong bench (1). If necessary, insert a spacer accessory (E). Fix the cross rods (3) to the load cells (2). Anchor the rubber silent‐blocks (4) at the ends of the cross rods. Fix the weighing platform (5) on the silent‐blocks (4). The rubber silent‐block will provides the necessary free movement to the structure to perform a good weighing system. Reducing cross tensions between the two load cells produced by platform bending. We will choose a rubber silent‐block according to the applied load, not too hard, because then it will not work as needed, giving some free movement to the system. Alternative to the rubber silent‐blocks there are other elements more sophisticated that can be used, as ball bearing, springs or other combinations:

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