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Precision weighing and weighbridge solutions with NWS Nuweigh

Newcastle Weighing Services (NWS) Nuweigh will soon celebrate its 50th year in business. Started in 1976, it has come a long way from providing weighing equipment service and calibration throughout New South Wales. 

Precision weighing and weighbridge solutions with NWS Nuweigh

From its state-of-the-art head office facility in Newcastle, over the past four decades NWS Nuweigh has expanded to become a market leader in the Australian weighing industry including the design and development of software management systems for its weighing and weighbridge solutions, and has a footprint across Australia and internationally.

Precision is key to weighing equipment, which is why NWS Nuweigh has become a trusted source in many industries across Australia as the go-to experts for weighing solutions. This includes the waste industry.

When current managing director Rodney Mace began working for NWS Nuweigh 41 years ago, there were four staff members.

Rodney says the company strives to take weighing systems to the next level as it meets the more challenging demands of the industries it services.  One of the key products it produces, and is essential to the waste industry, is a range of weighbridges. Weighbridges are important for a variety of reasons – they give landfills and MRFs precise data to know how much product is being brought to the facility, which in turn allows the correct fees to be charged. They also need to be able to withstand the harsh conditions that encompass the waste industry.

Complementing this core product offering for the waste industry is an ability to marry software to weighbridges. NWS Nuweigh has its own in-house software developers who can custom-design software to a company’s individual needs.

“We develop and design the software at code level within our business; we don’t use a third party,” says Rodney. “Our software developers understand weighing, which is a key difference when dealing with us.

“We have particular expertise in the waste industry with our weighbridge waste management software that can offer cloud-based solutions, EPA endorsed reporting, transfer station specific mobile software, easy to use operator functions, API interface with third party systems, automated and unattended recording and reporting.

“This is all done by software developers and support IT inhouse staff. We have our software in a vast number of council’s waste transfer stations and facilities across Australia.”

Service key to success

Rodney says that even though NWS Nuweigh builds its own weighing products and develops software, he believes service and communication with clients and staff is the single most important facet the company has to offer compared to similar offerings in the marketplace. 

“We’ve built the business on the back of exceptional service,” he says. “We do sell a lot of weighing equipment, but service is a big part of what we do. If you call our phone number, we guarantee to answer the telephone with a human every time. That might sound like a simple thing to say but we do it. We invest in superior customer service and good staff with values that align with our company’s culture.”

Quality investment

One area that can be of concern to clients is the quality of the product. Nuweigh does offer warranties and guarantees on everything it does (including a lifetime guarantee on its weighbridge loadcells). With an in-house engineering and design team it controls the complete process of design, manufacture and quality inspections to guarantee clients a high-end, premium weighing solution.

By the late 1980s NWS Nuweigh started manufacturing weighbridges and weighing equipment. It has made significant investment to keep quality at the forefront of everything  it does, with offices in Asia using their own overseas employees, quality control, supply and industry knowledge is always first class. 

NWS Nuweigh still manufactures weighbridges in Australia today from standard designs to fully customised multi deck weighbridges to meet client’s Chain of Responsibility CoR.

“We have good, long-term trusted relationships globally with our own office in Shanghai, and partners in the USA and Europe where our high-end advanced electronics is sourced,” Rodney says. “This gives us complete control over supply chain for components that are sourced around the world.

As for the future, Rodney can only see the company continue to grow, all the while investing in good people, strict quality standards and needs of its clients. 

With a rich history of providing exceptional weighing equipment, and decades of experience, the future looks bright for NWS Nuweigh.

“I started as an apprentice and we still provide service to companies that I used to service then,” Rodney says. 

“We also have staff that like what we do – we have a very good working culture in the business and have never compromised on our core values of trust, honesty and respect.  “By focusing on our staff and looking after them, that translates into them giving a superior service to our clients.” 

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