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PUE 5.15C Terminal


The terminal is a constructional component of scales with a maximum resolution of 6000 e. It has been equipped with a stainless steel housing of high ingress protection, IP 68. The PUE 5 voltage range is 100 ÷ 240 V AC, 50÷60 Hz, it comes standard with 2 × RS232, 1 × RS485, 2 × Ethernet, 4 × USB 2.0 interfaces. The terminal can be expanded with 3 additional weighing modules (by adding of  DP-5 platform), which allows concurrent operation of even 4 weighing platforms. Optional PROFIBUS DP interface enables communication between the terminal and the industrial ProfiBus network.

Intended Use The PUE 5 series terminal is a multifunctional weighing device. It combines the best features of a PC computer and a scale. Operation of PUE 5 is based on Windows OS. This facilitates device customization, the user can easily install any software of his/her choice. If applied with dosing or formula making systems, the PUE 5 allows use of many weighing platforms which means concurrent multiplatform dosing. Full control over the process is a guarantee. The dosing and formula making systems are operated via the PUE 5 terminal and no additional PC is required. Database editing is carried out using a touch screen or a PC keyboard.

Area of Use

  1. Load-cell scales.

  2. Complex weighing systems, controlled via a superior computer system thanks to use of an Ethernet module.

  3. Option of connection of numerous weighing platforms to industrial terminals.

Software The terminal features application for operation of the weighing module, the application functions as a scale display and an operation panel. By standard the device runs Terminal E2R Weighing Records software enabling operator to register weighings. Depending on the requirements the terminal can be additionally equipped with:

  1. Terminal E2R Transactions,

  2. Terminal E2R Formulations.

The PUE 5 terminal may communicate with the following weighing systems of RADWAG design and production:

  1. counting system,

  2. labelling system,

  3. dosing system,

  4. formula making system.

Panel type PUE 5.15C – capacitive touch panel. IP68 protection class. High brightness and readability level. High resistance to moisture and dust, good mechanical resistance. Absolute precision of touch detection, sensing multiple points of touch (multi-touch).

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