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SHEAR BEAMS How to Differentiate Stainless Vs Nickel – Oscar Zavaleta Weighing Industry

Which of the load cells is nickel made and which one is stainless steel? Stainless may be subject to high polish to increase corrosion resistance. Non-stainless one can be high polished for stainless steel appearance. A stainless steel can be left unpolished to save time and cost.

Such premise leads the reader to think the presence of two steel types. Technically both can be stainless or nickel made and still hold true. In real life you have no room for error; you either have one or the other,

In this case the front one with high polish is a stainless steel cell. The unpolished cell in the back (see steel grain) is steel alloy.

CHROMIUM Nickel alloy sensors can be made of 40CrNiMo. Other alloys can offer lower cost, but compromise performance.

MARTENSITIC The S17400 stainless is also known as 17-4 PH (Precipitation Hardness) Other type is the S402 among others.

PRICE Sensors could be made with lower grade stainless steel. They can undergo corrosion after some time. Keep in mid the 17-4 PH will rust under improper storage.

CONCLUSION Never assume all stainless steel load cells are the same. Manufacturer’s select the steel type on price or quality. Stainless steel are mostly magnetic and few non-magnetic.

It is best to buy from a reputable manufacturer at a higher cost.

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