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Silo, weighing systems are mostly used to regulate the quantity of material emptied into a truck and/or for inventory management. It is extremely important to know the amount of material stored in a silo at any time.

Over the last so many years Kanta King have been providing pit type weighbridges and other products. Silo Loadcell system come with all different kind of load cells. Kanta King prefers Thames Side Loadcell system. It is accurate Silo and vessel weighing applications can range from those involving small process vessels or hoppers with capacities less than 200 kg, up to high-capacity storage silos of 100 tonnes or more. The range of loadcell mounting assemblies and process weighing instrumentation is ideally suited to a wide range of vessel, hopper and silo weighing applications. Any Present or New Fitting of Silo can be transformed into silo weighing System. The consumer can get the weight data on Digital indicator, on a Computer System, on Mobile Device or even by SMS.

Working Phenomenon: The load cells of vital volume are positioned between pedestals and the silo. Now the silo is sited on the load cells and the inlet and outlet lines of the silo are also fitted with suspension bellows to augment the performance of the system. If the outlet line, that is usually at the bottom of the tank, is not fitted with suspension bellows, then the performance and accuracy of the weight will be hampered because of unceasing interference caused by the pipeline.

The number of load cell depends on the number of pedestals on which the silo is mounted. If a new installation, the number of load cells can be changed accordingly but if the weighing system is about to be fixed into and existing silo, then number of load cell will be same as the number of pedestals or mounting pillars. Light capacity circular silos can be placed on three load cells but heavy and rectangular / square silos should be mounted on minimum four load cells for providing suitable support to the silo structure and maximum number of load cells can be depending on the requirement and size of the silo.

Salient Features:

  1. Easy to Install.

  2. Modular design pertains to easy installation and maintenance.

  3. Wide temperature range available.

  4. Resistance against vibration.

  5. Ideally suited for any liquid or solid weighing and accurate batch preparation for batch process weighing application.

  6. Simple in Design, system consisting of Quality shear beam or compression load cells meeting IP-67/68 standards.

  7. Pre-calibrated load cell units for simplified installation.

  8. Integrated mounting assemblies with overload and lift-off restraints.

  9. ATEX certified load cells and weight indicators.

  10. Touch screen batching controllers.

  11. Discontinuous hopper scale controllers.

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