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SINGLE POINT SLIM – Oscar Zavaleta Weighing Industry

SINGLE POINT SLIM Interchange Chart – Download*

Table consists of ≈ 75 different resistive strain gauge models. Load cell form is: 150 mm L, 40 mm H and 25 mm W. All models share same hole patter with volume variation.

METALLURGY Aluminum which is food reactive and Anodized aluminum Alloy steel appears to be Nickel based. Stainless steel comes as 2Cr,13, 17-4PH® or 1.4545

THREAD Metric threads can be M6, M8 & M10 while imperial ¼-20. Depth varies per manufacturer, model and capacity. Some offer one or two threaded front mount holes.

PROTECTION IP65 may have a metal cover and IP67 adds potting. IP66 may use a different seal instead of the two above. Hermetic seal may come in IP68 or IP69.

CAPACITY Most of them are in kg and few are lb based. No brand name offers all capacities. Range covers from 1 kg to 250 kg.

SIGNAL All set to 2 mV/V, but one set at 1.8 mV/V. Input resistance range 350 Ω to 435 Ω. Output Resistance range 330 Ω to 352 Ω

PLATFORM Suggested platform size may vary by model and capacity. Accurate weighing may be at d distance and not the edge. From a confined 250 mm to a large 600 mm x 600 mm.

INTERCHANGE CHART Document to be updated over time. Updated may include corrections and more brands.  Future reference bookmark:

* * DOWNLOAD * * Interchange Table:  Available after 125 likes received within 7 days. Otherwise, it requires 250 likes within 30 days.

LEGAL This post and interchange chart is for general reference. User must exert all caution when selecting the product. User set free Weighing Industry LLC of any liability.

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