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The Only Balance That Detects, Measures And Eliminates Static: The New XPR Analytical From METTLER T

METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) – Press Release: When your lab is busy, you don’t have time to worry about electrostatic charges negatively affecting your weighing results. That’s why new XPR Analytical balances include static detection, making them the only balance on the market today that can automatically sense, measure, and negate the effects of static.

The new XPR Analytical balance supports your need for accuracy by offering a built-in sensor with StaticDetect on every model. StaticDetect helps you eliminate this potentially significant source of weighing error so you can trust your results.

Samples or containers that are electrostatically charged can be difficult to weigh, often causing problems with balance stability or measurement drift. Now, for the first time, you can see exactly how much built-up static is affecting your results.

If the effect of static build-up is greater than set tolerances, you can act to eliminate the charge and check to see if the static was successfully mitigated. Integrated or freestanding anti-static kits are also available, and metal ErgoClips that act as Faraday cages are another option to help to keep static from building in the first place.

Because static has the ability to disrupt weighing results by 1 – 100 milligrams, preventative action should be taken to reduce or eliminate the build-up of charges on samples or weighing containers whenever possible. Static elimination can be particularly important for small sample sizes or when weighing dry powders.

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