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The Transport Ministry of Mexico says 14% of cargo trucks are over the weight limit

While overweight articles are damaging the road infrastructure, lack of checkpoints to examine weights and other factors are weakening the enforcement of rules, says Salvador Fernández Ayala

He likewise clarified that the highest cargo weight allowed for trucks on Mexican streets is 75.5 tons. That is now far higher than what is allowed by Mexico’s USMCA exchanging accomplices: Canada permits trucks to bear 63 tons, while the United States just allows 36.3 tons.

As claimed by Fernández in 2018, 35% of highways were reported as being in poor condition, while only 40% were fine. The aim is to take the numbers to 10% and 59% respectively by December.

The alleged budget for the same is to reach US $2.52 Billion before its wrap up in 2023.

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