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Things to Think About When Buying a Livestock Scale

For farmers and ranchers, weighing cattle is critical. There are several different types of livestock scales to consider, each with its own set of criteria. It can be tough to determine which scale is appropriate for your needs, whether you are selling cattle or simply caring for your animals’ welfare.


You should think about whether you need a mobile, portable, or stationary scale based on your weighing requirements. By simply attaching it to the hitch of a vehicle, a mobile livestock scale with wheels is an effective way to get it to your cattle. There are also less expensive portable livestock scales that may be loaded onto a trailer and transported to the animals. A fixed livestock scale is usually permanently installed on a concrete platform and is useful for weighing animals in one place.

Certifications and Regulations

It’s crucial to know which approvals you’ll need, whether you’re weighing cattle for sale or monitoring the health of your herd. The scale must be Legal for Trade in order to lawfully sell livestock. A National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) Certification or Measurement Canada Approval is required for a scale platform to be declared Legal for Trade. Legal for Trade may not be required if the scale is just used to monitor the health of the cattle.

Animal Welfare

Having a scale on site is good to the livestock’s overall wellness. On-site scales allow you to keep track of weight fluctuations and evaluate whether medication is required. When an animal is sick, the veterinarian can come to see them, and you can give them an accurate weight. By minimising excessive travel, the animals are less stressed.

Scale Size

Scales for livestock come in a variety of sizes and styles. Some scales are large enough for numerous creatures, while others are only suitable for one. It’s crucial to think about your livestock’s space as well as the scale’s capability. A single animal scale can be useful for weighing livestock that is being evaluated by a veterinarian. Before being sold, a multiple animal scale can be utilised to quickly weigh a big section of the herd.

Shrink Loss

Whether you’re selling cattle, or other livestock, reducing shrink is crucial to increasing profit margins. When transporting livestock, it’s important to think about how much weight the animal will lose on the trip to the destination. When carried to an offsite scale, shrink can range from 7-8 percent depending on distance, weather, tension, and other factors. The ability to bring the scale to the animals ensures that any transaction is as profitable as possible. 

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