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Top Ten Tips for Restarting your Weighbridge

If your weighbridge has had little to no use over the past few weeks or even months, it might be a good idea to carry out some simple checks and give it a clean before using it again. Remember that if your weighbridge is used for legal-for-trade transactions, then you have a legal obligation to ensure it meets weights and measures accuracy requirements.

If you need help and advice bringing your weighbridge back into operation, please contact us. We have a nationwide network of engineers ready to help.

Before any checks are made, it is important that operatives wear the appropriate PPE equipment and check site protocol for working at height and working with electrical equipment. Suitable safety barriers should be put in place to prevent unauthorised access to the weighbridge area during the startup.

Please note that no electrical welding should be carried out on the weighbridge deck without advice from your supplier!

Check drains for debris/blockages

This applies to both surface and pit mounted weighbridges.

Check power, load cell and IT cabling for possible damage

Damage can be caused by rodents or corrosion. If the weighbridge office has been left unattended, check for evidence of mice or other vermin.

Clean weighbridge deck and approach areas

Simple sweeping will usually suffice. The use of chemicals should be avoided.

Check the gap between the weighbridge deck and the edges of the foundations

It is important to carefully check the gap between the weighbridge deck and the foundations. If ‘T’ section rubber is fitted, ensure this is fitting correctly (all the way round on pit weighbridges).

Check weighbridge deck freedom of movement

The weighbridge should be free to move a small, controlled amount from end to end.

Check/clean peripheral equipment such as driver terminals, traffic barriers/lights and cameras

Be aware that traffic barriers and some instrumentation will be mains powered.

Check weight reading when the load is placed on deck and return to zero

A quick and simple check can be carried out by driving a car or small van onto the weighbridge deck. The weight reading should be checked at three points along the deck (front, middle and end). The agreement should be within the approved tolerances for the weighbridge. When the vehicle is driven off, the weight reading should return to zero. If there are discrepancies, re-check points 2, 4 and 5 above.

Check printer operation and ensure any paper/tickets used are not damp or damaged

Carry out several repeat weighments with a fully-loaded vehicle, checking the operation of any peripheral equipment

Finally – check the date when the next weighbridge calibration is due

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