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Traffic Management & Weighbridge Controls

Weighbridge management systems now play an important traffic management role at a growing number of industrial sites. Whilst the weighbridges continue to capture accurate and essential weight data for vehicles entering and leaving sites, the associated peripheral control equipment improves site security and facilitates vehicle throughput. Our range of traffic control and management equipment includes:

  1. Traffic barriers and traffic lights

  2. Large overhead displays

  3. Driver-operated terminals

  4. Overhead security cameras

  5. ANPR cameras

  6. Card readers and audio/visual intercoms

  7. Security gates

  8. Radiation Detection Systems

Traffic Management Solutions

At Weightron, we have recognised that the effectiveness of automated weighbridge systems is dependent on single-source responsibility and control for all key equipment. As a result, we supply tried and tested peripheral equipment, which integrates with our weighbridges, all controlled via our versatile software solutions.

We have supplied complete traffic management solutions to a diverse range of industries across the UK; these systems integrate directly with the sites’ management software systems. As part of the weighbridge systems, we also supply equipment which controls non-weighed vehicles via bypass lanes and personnel entry/exit via turnstile-type security gates. We work with international contractors, site operators and end-customers to ensure the optimum efficiency and reliability.

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