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True Cost of Long Calibration Lead Times – Morehouse Instrument Company

The True Cost Of Long Force Calibration Lead Times

How much revenue are you sacrificing when you do not have your equipment? How much is lost from not being able to turn equipment around for your customers? Do you end up losing a customer or job because you do not have the equipment for weeks or a month? What is the value of that lost income?

Calibration Lead time issues lead to more lost time and more cost to you. Morehouse is not the least expensive calibration solutions provider, though the overall cost can be dramatically less when all things are considered.

Calibration Lead time has many implications. The cost of not having your equipment for weeks, maybe months can be large. These include downtime, communication breakdowns, scheduling delays, and lost revenue.

The problems with downtime include:

  1. The inability to use your equipment means work gets bottlenecked

  2. Overtime may be required to catch up when the equipment comes back from calibration

Communication delays

What is the impact to continually checking on the status of an item out for calibration? There’s an economic cost and delays can also lead to employee frustration.

Scheduling delays

How much does it cost to shift your calibration work to your customer’s schedules?

Less revenue

No equipment equals delayed or lost revenue.

What happens when you invest in getting your calibration equipment returned quickly? Your company can benefit when a calibration lab can do the following quickly:

  1. Provide a quotation

  2. Receive your items

  3. Contact you with any issues

  4. Calibrate your equipment

  5. Pack and return your calibration equipment

Morehouse takes great pride in our ability to provide a quotation quickly. We respond to requests in hours, not days. When we receive your items, your equipment is unpacked, inspected, and staged for climatization. If we have to contact you with any issues we want to do it quickly.

The contract is reviewed against your calibration requirements. The review is done in a timely manner to mitigate calibration lead time delays. Items are then put on the schedule for calibration to ensure our 7 – 10 day guarantee or we reach out to you with any potential concerns.

Calibration of your equipment

The technician works through the daily schedule on one of our many force or torque calibration machines. Morehouse has more than five deadweight machines known to within 0.002 % of applied force that is twenty to fifty times more accurate than most other calibration labs.

Once calibration is complete, we are ready to pack and return your equipment. Within 7 – 10 days of receipt, items are returned. Expedited options are available for an even faster turnaround.

You have only so much time. It should not be spent waiting on equipment. Morehouse can lower your overall calibration cost, lower your measurement uncertainty, and lower your calibration headaches, resulting in less overall cost to you.

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