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TS30™ CPU Touchscreen Indicator


  1. Fully Controls Scale Functions

  2. Data Export via USB or Ethernet

  3. Store, Recall & Print Over 2,000,000 Separately Stored Weight Records

  4. Communicates with up to Twelve Scales up to 300’ (90 m) Line of Sight

  5. Enclosed within a Hardened Case for Durability & Portability

  6. Integrated Lithium Battery


A Simple and Easy-to-Use Touchscreen Indicator for Vehicle Weighing The TS30™ CPU provides the ability to process weight-related data for using static and WIM scales for vehicle weighing, in a self-contained, weather-resistant, hardened case. The CPU features intuitive displays for scale system operation.  Weights from single scales, axles, axle groups, and GVW are displayed in real time, with axle spacing calculated in WIM mode. The User Interface allows configurable user and session fields that are included on the ticket created by the built-in printer. Featuring RFX® technology, the TS30™ can wirelessly communicate with static and Weigh-In-Motion Scales saving time and improving safety.

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