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VPG Tedea-Huntleigh 9010 Single Point Fluid Damped Load Cell – Ricelake

A self-contained weighing module for use in repeated shock-loading applications or where fast weighing and settling times are required. Each is custom manufactured per specific application requirements. Capacities range from 3 kg to 50 kg.

  1. The special fluid damped operation is particularly well-suited for applications where quick weighment is required.  e.g. Checkweighers

  2. 9010 Load Cells are custom-manufactured per specific applications requirements

  3. Use the Applications Definitions Form below to define your applications

  4. Available in stainless steel with breather vent options for washdown applications

9010 Load Cell Specifications

Full Scale Output: 2.0 mV/V

Output Resistance: 350 (± 5) ohm

Input Resistance: 415 (± 15) ohm

Material/Finish: Aluminum

Temperature: Operating range 0 °F to 150 °F (-18 °C to 65 °C)

Seal Type: Environmentally sealed, IP65Safe Overload: 800% full scale downward, 400% full scale upward

Rated Excitation: 15 VDC (15 V maximum)

Combined Error: 0.03% full scale

Insulation Resistance: 5,000 megohm

Cable Length: 3 ftCable Diameter: 0.370 in PVC jacket

Cable Color Code: Green +Excitation Black –Excitation Red +Signal White –Signal Blue +Sense Brown –Sense

Warranty: One-year limited

Approvals: cFMus

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