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Weighing instruments in logistics

The most obvious example of weighing in logistics is the weighing of parcels and/or letters where customers need to pay based on weight. These are the scales you see in the post office for example. But the weighing is also part of other processes in logistics such as stock control where weight is used  and vehicle loading.

Why is quality weighing important in logistics?

When weighing a letter or parcel the first requirements is the reliability of the indicated weight. This has a direct impact on the price to be paid and especially for letters small changes in weight can have an impact on the price. With the increased flow of packages due to ecommerce is it also key that these packages are handled fast. Quality weighing systems allow a fast process without compromising accuracy and reliability.

What are the innovations regarding weighing instruments in logistics?

As many industries the logistics sector is becoming more connected and digital. This means that weighing instruments will communicate data on the weight of parcels or the stock to the inventory management or transport management. This data is used to make the whole system more efficient and reliable.

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