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Weighing Indicators LOADGUARD – UTILCELL

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  1. In compliance to standard EN 13849-1:2008, PL-d, category 3, corresponding to Safety Integrity Level SIL 2 IEC 62061.

  2. 2 weighing inputs for load cells, connected to two independent ADC and two independent microcontrollers.

  3. Connection up to 4 load cells of 350 Ω per channel (8 load cells of 700 Ω per channel).

  4. 4 control relays: Alarm thershold, pre-alarm thershold, maximum load difference between channels and load cell cable break detection.

  5. Display 4 digit 7mm LED and 4 keys for configuration, setting and status messages.

  6. Weighing functions: Weight display, full scale and division settings, zero calibration, gain calibration by mass or mV/V, auto-zero, zerotracking and programmable filters.

  7. Optionally available with dual 4-20mA analogue outputs, redundant, one per weighing channel.

Technical SpecificationsLoad cell connectionScale input singal range-+3.9 mV/VInput sensitivity0.2 microVResolutionInternal 24 bits and external up to 10.000 divisions on the payloadLinearity error<0.01% measuring rangeThermal stability<0.002% F.S./°CResolutionCategory IILoad cell excitation voltage87 Ω (4 load cells of 350 Ω, 8 load cells of 700 Ω, per channel)Outputs:Logical outputs4 relay (max 48V DC/AC)Analogue output (Optional)2 outputs 4-20mA (1 per channel) of 16 bits of resolutionPower, working condition and mechanical data:Power supply10V to 30V DCMaximum consumption6WTemperature range-20 °C to +50 °C de operating; -20 °C to +60 °C storageMountingDIN rail, IP20Operator interfaceDisplay: 4 LED digit 7mm; Keyboard: 4 keys

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