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Weighing News – Industry Basics: (8) Importance of maintaining Your Truck Scale

While the truck scale itself is very important, having routine maintenance for it plays an important role in its long-term use. The efficiency and profitability of your organization can be directly related to the accuracy of your weighing scale as a well-maintained truck scale reduces the probability of inaccurate readings, which often results in excessive or undercharging.

Moreover, routine maintenance reduces the chances of damage to the truck scale, which can cause expensive equipment repairs, lost income, and excess downtime.

The use of industrial truck scales is very crucial since they weigh heavy vehicles and their contents. These truck scales are designed to withstand heavy loads like weighing construction, mining, and manufacturing materials. If neglected, these heavy loads can cause huge problems for drivers and damage to the infrastructure. Therefore, it is crucial that the correct product for the application is selected at the time of purchase and that it is maintained throughout its lifetime.

Knowing about common truck scale maintenance can help you prevent any potential issues and ensure the longevity of your equipment. As truck scales are machines they need to be checked, calibrated, and maintained to get the best out of them over their lifetime.

Maintain Accuracy and Quality

Always ensure your truck scale is accurate, reliable, and in the best condition to provide precise weighing data, no matter what the product. It is not only possible to lose money or damage your brand’s reputation with an incorrect truck scale, but it may be operating outside regulatory requirements and become non-compliant as well. Keeping your truck scale in good condition and calibrated is the key to ensuring accurate weights.

Reduce Costly Downtime

When truck scales do not work as they should it gets really inconvenient and expensive. It will even downtime your limit of opportunity to make revenue, which will negatively affect your business. Regular maintenance is key to maintaining productivity and preventing your truck scale from early breaking down.

Get More Accurate Results by Detecting Errors Sooner

Even the best truck scales can experience inaccurate results from time to time. For example, rain can seep into the weighbridge, causing internal corrosion and rust that will affect truck scale accuracy. Regular maintenance checks will be able to catch these and other problems before they become severe.

Longer Lifespan

A high-quality truck scale should last for at least 25 years if you follow a recommended maintenance schedule. Your truck scale will even require services more frequently if there is a high level of traffic at your station. The services should also include truck scale calibration, routine service calls should include inspections of the foundation, structure of the weighbridge, grounding, and load cells.

Spend Less

Regular maintenance of your truck scale keeps your weighing system running for a longer time span, saving you money since you won’t have to replace it as often. Further, routine maintenance is an excellent method of protecting your budget since you can plan the service visits in advance, instead of being caught by surprise with a preventable repair.

We always recommend discussing your needs with an experienced truck scales technician before making a purchase.

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