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What Factors Influence the Cost of a Truck Scale?

It might be difficult to look past the price tag when acquiring a large piece of equipment like a truck scale. To ensure that you are purchasing high-quality equipment that will last a generation or more, you must first understand the factors that influence the total purchase price.

Value in Quality

The integrity of a truck scale is also influenced by quality craftsmanship. Buying from a company that invests in engineering and production ensures that each truck scale is built by a highly trained workforce. A truck scale’s components are equally as crucial as the people who work on it. Companies who take the time to source high-quality load cells, steel, cables, and other components usually produce a better product.

Truck Scale Design

Although the weighbridge (the structural body of a truck scale) can differ in appearance depending on the manufacturer, it serves the same essential purpose for all brands and models: weighing trucks. Wide flange I-beam weighbridge manufacturers have a higher steel composition in their truck scales than manufacturers who use orthotropic, bent plate, or steel tubing designs. Steel content is also affected by the number and size of beams in a weighbridge. Vehicles are better supported by designs that position larger beams closer together than those that place smaller beams further apart. Because the deck is supported by larger beams, it will not flex as easily, allowing the truck scale to produce accurate weighments for a longer period of time.

To gain a better idea of the cost of truck scale steel content, divide the scale’s cost by its shipping weight to get the price per pound. This can be used to compare the cost per pound of scales from various manufacturers. On a price-per-pound basis, the scale with more steel content may be less expensive.


The final cost will be affected by the truck scale installation. Excavation, the cost of pouring the concrete foundation, offloading and situating the scale, installing electronic components, and completing the initial calibration of the scale are all included in the installation. Professional scale specialists with experience working with scales from the company you choose should install the truck scale. Over the life of the scale, this competent installation will assure correct scale operation.

A truck scale is a big investment, and factors such as design, quality, and installation all influence the final price. A truck scale with a heavy-duty design, outstanding engineering, and components supported by industry experts will endure a generation or more.

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