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What is a Shear Web Load Cell?

Shear web load cells are suited for in-line force measurement, multi-point weighing, and hydraulic press applications that require load block integration and more headroom.

A shear web load cell is a low-profile, doughnut-style load cell that compensates for hook rotation while preserving accuracy. Shear web load cells are ideal for operations that require load block integration and extra headroom, such as in-line force measurement, multi-point weighing or hydraulic press applications. Intended for placement above the load block trunnion, shear web load cells are often capable of off-axis compensation.

Shear web load cells are a long-lasting and dependable option for overhead weighing. The MSI range of overhead weighing solutions from Rice Lake Weighing Systems includes a shear web load cell that eliminates headroom loss while maintaining accuracy. MSI shear web load cells have an IP67 rating and are made from durable materials like zinc and alloy steel. With numerous crane hook interface options, users can custom fit shear web load cells into current applications.

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