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Creation, alteration, and elimination of registrations, companies, and products

Weighing Documents Issuance:

  1. Automatic numbering

  2. Manual or automatic insertion of Enrollments, Company and/or Articles

Acquisition and automatic visualization of the Current Weight:

  1. Direct: Establishes a direct connection with an external program (DDE – Dynamic Data Exchange protocol)

  2. File: Imports the current weight value of a Multi-Article text file

  3. Automatic insertion of the Current Weight value in the weighing fields

  4. 8 advertising lines in the header of the weighing document

  5. Save / Print Documents and/or Lines (individual weighings)

  6. Semi-Automatic Weighing

  7. Bibasula Mode Connection to two platforms

Visualization and/or Printing of Result Maps

The computer that will support the software must have the following configuration:

  1. Windows XP, Vista, or 7 operating system

  2. Serial port for connection to the Display

  3. Parallel or serial port for connection of printer (optional)

  4. CD player

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