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Z Series: mounting kit made of galvanized steel

4 x V series stainless steel mounting kits, designed for CBL and CBX compression load cells, are now also available in galvanized steel:

  1. Z10000

  2. Z15000 – Z30000 – Z100000

The galvanized steel version is perfect for use in non-aggressive environments and offers significant cost savings compared to the stainless steel kits.

The Z-series mounting kits differ from the V-series mounting kits only in the type of material, indeed they have all their strenghts:

  1. threaded rods with anti-tilt self-locking nuts and steel plates against any lateral forces, essential to ensure stability for structures such as silos, tanks and hoppers, which may be subjected to accidental impacts, wind forces and earthquakes;

  2. installation is simple and safe, as the kit is fixed to the structure to be weighed without the load cell inside it. This ensures that welding and assembly can be carried out entirely safely because the load cell is inserted later and there is never any risk of damaging it;

  3. easy replacement of the load cell should it get damaged. It is sufficient to remove it from the accessory without disassembling it and install an equivalent new load cell.

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