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The Return of Pounds and Ounces ?

Recently, it has been exclaimed by The Times UK that Boris Johnson is to announce the return of imperial weights and measures, making it legal for market stalls, shops and supermarkets to see their goods using only Britain’s traditional weighing system post- Brexit.

The unlikely return of Britain’s traditional weighing system has been mooted as part of post Brexit bonfire of European Union red tape since recently people were found to be using imperial measures to weigh and sell things. The most famous of them were the green grocer and the market trader Steve Thoburn from Sunderland.

It has been speculated by people that maybe shops in the UK would be allowed to sell produce in pounds and ounces again after ministers pledged to review a ban on using imperial units.

The issue became a rallying cry for Eurosceptic after fruit and veg traders dubbed the “metric martyrs” which then faced prosecution for selling goods in metric measures of kilograms and grams from the year 2000 but the shift from imperial to metric measurements began before the UK joined the European trading bloc back in the year 1973.

Some people are even found to be criticizing tweets while laughing about like “Wow…. well, I didn’t see that one coming! Hopefully we can go back to shillings too! Ooh how exciting? Getting our country back to how it used to be!” OR “Excellent news. Cubits next please!”

On the other hand as exclaimed by diplomats like Lord Frost to the House of Lords “I am sure there will be change, but don’t believe those changes will result in the regression of standards.” He also said the purpose of reforms was to “improve the productivity of the UK by putting in place regulations that are tailored to our conditions.”

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